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Caregiving For Dementia

Mar 17, 2017

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  1. In this episode the wife joined me for the first time on the podcast.
  2.  We talked about how mom and dementia is affecting our family especially Stephanie herself.
  3. We also talked about doing things together to help mom.
  4.  We also talked about family members being a...

Mar 10, 2017


Dementia Episode # 7

Finding yourself in the same situation 35 years later.

Not being able to go to mom with problems any more.

Talking to Okey & Joy

Not handing situations right

Nursing home

Apology to the wife

Not understanding mom’s sleeping so much

Mar 3, 2017

Show Notes for Dementia Episode # 6 Getting my hair cut and shaving The lights and sun light adjusting the light in the room The old lady Wanting to go somewhere Worrying about the dog The making of the bed Eating / feeding the dog Mom’s weight Day to d