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Caregiving For Dementia

Jun 23, 2017


Episode # 17


Welcome to this week's episode of dementia, this is episode 17. This week Michael's under the weather I'm Stephanie his wife. Michael and I both are blowing out of our minds due to our stats of this program, we just cannot believe how many of you folks are listening. We would like to thank you so...

Jun 16, 2017



Episode# 16


The bought me a father day gift

The Republican shooting the ball field

ways to let steam off without using a handgun

not in the podcast but here’s a link to learn how to podcast

reference to the game call of duty

diseases are taking enough of our...

Jun 10, 2017

Dementia Episode # 15 Show Notes Not being able to tell us this and that about the washing machines because of dementia. The boys needing to take a break from work to be with the family do other things. Mama’s reaction to being woke up. I don’t know a

Jun 2, 2017

Dementia Episode # 14 Losing History 1. Trying to arace history 2. Not being able to tell the grandkids about history 3. Saying no to elected officials 4. Being upset because of a disease taking my mother and the family history with her. 5. I think a lot