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Caregiving For Dementia

Apr 27, 2018

Caregiving for dementia Episode # 49 A Dementia Roller Coaster Ride The 1st 11 minutes of this episode is about new equipment that I had to buy for the podcast. In this 1st 11 minutes I talk about a Sony digital recorder as well as the Logitech C920 webca

Apr 16, 2018

Care Giving for Dementia

Episode # 48

Dementia Music



In this week’s episode of caregiving for dementia, I talk a little bit about the truck, bus, van thing that I’ve been talking a little bit about. The condition of the vehicle a little bit about the costs, but mainly versus putting a shed in the backyard...

Apr 9, 2018

In your teenage years, you don’t always see eye to eye with your parents about your friends. A lot of the time you end up in a big argument with your parents over your friends, because your parents can see things down the road that you can’t. These arguments are especially harsh, when argument is over a boyfriend,...